Saturday, March 23, 2013

Dr Seuss Finished!!!

Another Finish....Yay! 
Even though this wasn't a biggin', It's still a finish and deserves a pat on the back.  Right?  Right.
This little puppy gave me some fits believe it or not.  I thought I would quilt the chevron print and didn't bother to mark anything before basting.  BAD, BAD IDEA! 
Lesson learned......Always have a concrete plan when it comes to quilting the top.  I ended up taking a bunch of stuff out that I didn't like, went back and forth numerous times between my walking foot and my other thingy for free motion quilting :) 
I ended up marking the top AFTER all my pins were in.  Not cool.  I don't want to do that again.  Like I said, lesson learned. 

When all was said and done I marked a chevron pattern on the panel and just did straight lines in the border. 
I made this quilt to donate as an auction item for my mother in laws cancer benefit next month.  Hoping there are some Dr. Seuss and/or quilt lovers in attendance!
And this time I remembered to get LOTS of pictures beforehand. 

Monday, March 18, 2013

Baby Quilts, Baby Quilts

 So it seems I'm surrounded by baby quilts lately!  This one was a gift for my cousin who's having a baby girl probably sometime this week.  It was a collaborative effort between my sister, mom and myself.  My dad drew the pattern, which was a combination of a baby quilt we saw on etsy here and also a very cute lamp my cousin had registered for. 

It was a lot of work with all the applique piecing, but worth it because it turned out pretty stinking cute! I wish I had some more pictures that showed the quilting and fabrics a bit better, but I waited until the last minute and a lot of them didn't turn out.  So, lesson learned - take the time to get good pics!!! 
My favorite part is the flappy ear on the elephant......
and the ric rac on the giraffe......
And that it's FINISHED!!!!