Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Cat in the Hat

This is a work in progress but I like it so far!
I'm pretty sure I'm not going to add anything to the quilt top, but if I do it would be to even out the sides.  I'm not so sure I love the wonky size.......
Because of my minky obsession I bought red minky for the back (what else would I do, right?!)
This shows the weird sizing - I don't know if it'll matter - it's for a baby/toddler.  Would they really care?  Probably not. 
 I have some more Dr. Seuss fabric so I might do some piecing on the back as well.  Something to think about.....

Monday, February 18, 2013

Still Here.....

Ok I never meant to take THAT long of a break from blogging!!!   Hopefully people are still out there!
I do have a few projects to post.  Here's a few pictures of my first completion....
and excuse my pictures - they aren't the best.  I'll have to take some better ones later (when it's not such a rainy/snowy day)

This one I'm pretty proud of. I used my walking foot (for the first time) for all of the straight line stitching and because of the minky back I pinned the heck out of it!!
I kept going back and forth on the quilting - did it need more?  I don't know - I might go back to it and add something.  Probably not because I'm lazy, but you never know. :) 

Do I Look Familiar?
Then I got really ambitious and decided to try some hand stitching for the first time as well.  I borrowed my mom's basket of perle cotton threads and looked up some tutorials and went to town.  I would definitely do it again, but my fingers were quite sore!

And of course I had helpers......

It was a quilt I started thinking it would be a quick little project. Not so much.
But I love it.
Did I mention I love it?  I LOVE it!!!