Friday, April 20, 2012

A little bit of Progress

Ok, so I was finally able to get in the sewing mood - and did a couple more of my dachshund (spelling?)  blocks.
I love them, but they aren't perfect.  Which leads me to my favorite question when quilting....."does it have to be perfect?"  I'm scared to ask Mom - she usually tells me what I don't want to hear :)

Here are my concerns....
Are they too big?
Do the stripes have to line up?  I tried to line them up and was successful on a couple.....but not all.
On the text fabric they are puckering a bit.  I seem to have this problem a lot - any suggestions?

Hope everyone has a good weekend!!  I have to work, so this is probably the extent of my sewing for a few days.


  1. I love this! WHERE did you find the dachshund fabric?? SOOOOO cute. I think the stripes look fine. I am thinking the last one is Dr. Seuss stripes so no worries there!! Very cute quilt blocks.

  2. I have a dachshund and love your cute little fabric. Who is the manufacturer? I NEED some!!!! Love the stripes and letters.

  3. I can't ever line stripes up so I think it looks good a lil' wonky. I love the pops of color around the dogs!

  4. I know - I'm addicted to anything dachshund right now. It is Michael Miller and I found it discounted at my LQS. I think it's a decorator fabric because it's wider than the typical 44". Cute huh? I bought what they had and didn't really know what to do with it.
    thanks for the input - It's always good to know we don't always need things to be perfect!