Sunday, April 15, 2012

sewing slump

I feel like I'm in a sewing slump.  There has been NO sewing going on here lately.  Are there others that fall into this?  I don't know if it's a combination of factors or what, but I'm getting worried. 
I have been busy with the fabric swaps and of course there's always work that I can use as an excuse - but I'm hoping I'll snap out of it soon!
Let me know if I'm not alone in this!!!
My goal is to get downstairs and make some progress on something - anything really, by Tuesday.  Tomorrow's Monday and I always have a hard time being motivated on Mondays. 
So, my goal is Tuesday - I'll let you know. 
In the meantime I do have some pics from the fabric swap - wrapping everything up and just waiting on one package.  Then it's off to the USPS!!!  I'm excited - I hope everyone enjoys their fabrics and posts soms pics of their final projects!

I convinced my husband to take a break from the red wings game to help me sort so it went a little quicker.....needless to say he doesn't enjoy fabric as much as I do :)

 little stacks of rainbow goodness


  1. Oh wow, those look awesome together!! I can't wait for mys tack to make it's way to me! :D This was a really smooth swap, thanks for all your work on it!

    I hope you are able to work through your slump. Perhaps you could look at making something rainbow. ;)

  2. You are certainly NOT alone! I am currently in a sewing slump. It takes a lot for me to get motivated, such as my dear MIL coming over to sew with me. I think perhaps it's more fun, at least for me, to have a buddy to sew with rather than sewing alone. I mean, I do enjoy sewing on occasion alone, but I do like a good conversation along with the sound of the machines running! Love the rainbow of colors in those stacks! Don't be hard on will get to some motivation! God bless!

  3. Gorgeous stacks! Love rainbow charms.

    I get in slumps. I'll go a good week or two (or 6 last year) in a row without doing any sewing or cutting at all!

  4. Oh me too!! I thought I was the only one...seeing such awesome stuff pop up while I'm producing nada. I've been hit with allergies and feel like a real wimp since I've been totally taken out by them and have made no progress on anything this week...stinks.

    Hopefully I'll get out of it this week, I have several projects lined up that are easy enough to check off quickly! Gah.

    And the stacks look wonderful! I'm excited to see what everyone does with their rainbows! And wondering what to do with mine...?

  5. Oh good! I'm glad I'm not alone! Sometimes you just need a break right?