Friday, April 6, 2012

Sorting Charms

Surrounded by fabric - does it get any better than this?  I love seeing all these pretty prints just as much as putting different fabrics together and creating a quilt. 
this is just a few for the fabric swap

So the last few days I have spent most of my free time sorting and organizing fabric.  First I took on the project of organizing my fabric stash (not quite finished), and then I decided to get all the fabric for the swap situated.  I love hosting these swaps, but they do require some work.  Anyway, I had one last yard of my orange fabric to cut and sort.  I don't know why I decided to do this late at night, but I did.  Over the last few weeksI have purchased 10 yards of fabric and cut all of them into 5" squares for the various swaps I'm in.  When purchasing the fabric I have bought a little over a yard just in case I screwed up the cutting and needed a bit extra for a redo.  Well, the last fabric I bought I didn't buy that extra yardage.  Ugghhhh - totally jinxed myself!
I cut it all up last night - threw my tiny, tiny scraps in the garbage and headed upstairs to sort it all out.  Halfway through I noticed my one orange print was not exactly 5".  Uh oh - I put it off to the side and thought I'd save that one for myself.  Then another one was short.....then another one, and then another one!  How did I manage to cut these wrong?  And I had no extra fabric to cut more!
Needless to say I headed to the fabric store and bought some more.  What a pain in my a**!!
What do they say in construction?

Measure twice, Cut once 

I'll remember that for next time ;)

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  1. That stack of charms looks so inviting. After all of the charm swaps I'm in are completed I'll have plenty to complete some awesome projects. Thanks for hosting a great swap!