Sunday, March 11, 2012

Fabric Friday

Before work on friday I made time to go to my local quilt shop to see if I could find some goodies for the fabric swap.  I've been having commitment issues when it comes to fabric, however.  I just think, "Is that the one?  Maybe I'll find something I like more". 
Such choices!  The closest fabric shop (besides JoAnn's) is about 20 miles away and it's not huge, so the selection is ok, but not great.  So I always think - "well maybe I'll go here or here next week".  For whatever reason I just couldn't pull the trigger.
I did find one fabric for the swap but that's it - I guess I'll just have to go again (darn)!
This is what I came home with.....mind you my color assignments are red and orange.

The red polka dot is for the exchange, but everything else is just because I'm obsessed with red and aqua right now.
I just can't resist pretty fabric!

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