Saturday, March 24, 2012

yes, another fabric swap

Swap is Full - Thanks everyone!!


What can I say?  We are all fabric hoarders and addicted to online fabric swaps!  I've been exercising some self control.  I haven't signed up for every single fabric swap out there.....kind of.  I figure if I host them I save on shipping costs - right?
Whatever the reason, here is another swap except this one has a twist!  That's right, a bit of a change.

We are swapping three different types of fabrics!

1.   i spy
2.   polka dot
3.   stripes

This swap is open for 56 participants - US only (sorry - I don't have a paypal account set up yet to accept shipping payments).  I am saying 28 and if I get a large response I'll open to 56.
Each person will purchase 3 DIFFERENT yards of fabric. 
One yard will be an i spy print.  When I say i spy I mean a novelty print.  Here are some examples:

Your second yard will be a polka dot print.  I'm not going to separate us into groups or colors - just please make sure we don't duplicate prints or have too much of one color.
Finally, your third yard of fabric will be a stripe.  Again, I'm not going to assign a color, but try to make sure we don't have too much of one color group.  We are looking for a variety.

You need to press and cut your fabric into 5x5" squares. Each yard should yield 56 squares or "charms". When cutting fabric be careful because 1 yard of fabric will give you 56 charms but not a lot of waste.  I usually buy a little extra just to be safe.  Each person will send in 168 charms total and receive 168 charms.
Here's the breakdown:
Send in 56 i spy prints and receive 56 i spy different prints back.
Send in 56 polka dots and receive 56 different polka dots
Send in 56 stripe prints and receive 56 different stripes back.
I have started a flickr group and will use that so people can coordinate with members so fabric is not duplicated.  Please head on over and become a member so I know everyone is participating.
You can find the flickr group here: i spy flickr group

Fabric Rules and Requirements
All fabric must be new, unwashed and come from a smoke-free home.
Must be quality, quilt shop, designer fabric - no JoAnns, Michaels, Hancocks, or Hobby Lobby Fabric please.

There is no cost to this swap, just the cost of fabric and your time of course! You will need to send your fabric in with a prepaid, self-addressed stamped envelope - USPS priority mail so I can use that to mail you your beautiful charms.
Fabric will be due by April 28th.  I am going out of town the fist week of May, so I'd like to send everyone's packages out before I go.
I will try and keep an eye on sign ups and take down the form when I have enough people.  If I don't get to it right at 28 people I apologize :(  Either way, I will keep you posted.
That's it for now - please email with any questions you might have!!!  Below is the sign up form - please complete and submit so I have your information.


  1. Hi Sara, I'm interested, but mostly in the iSpy. It looks like by your calculations we would each (28 people) receive 2 charms of each ispy, stripe, and polka dot rather than 56 of different patterns. Let me know if this is correct thinking. If that's the case, I'm not as interested b/c I'd only receive 28 distinct iSpy patterns (2 of each). Thanks! Jeanie

  2. Yeah, you're right. If I get a large number of people I'll open it up to 56 slots and then you'd get 56 different i spy prints instead of two of each 28 prints. I'd love to have 56 people so we get more of a variety and I can certainly email you and keep you updated.

  3. Just added myself and 3 others! How are you doing with sign-ups?

  4. Almost at 28 - 1 or 2 spots left

  5. Everyone that submitted the sign up form is in. As of Tuesday at 1:30 pm there are still ten or so spots open. I am going to send an email with my shipping address so everyone can get started shopping for their fabrics. Denise - I double checked and you're all set!

  6. I saw my earlier comment about almost filling up - I opened it up to 56 people so we get a larger variety - sorry for the confusion!

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  8. Hi Sara, I signed up yesterday and just wanted to make sure I was in. I would like to order and post my fabrics today if possible.
    Is it okay to have a pattern for the strip? For example, is the Pick A Bunch Organic Sunflower Stripes Aqua okay? Thanks!

  9. I just entered myself but I am not sure if I am in. Can I sign up twice (2 iSpy, 2 polka dot and 2 striped yards)?

  10. Got you both - you're all set

  11. Hi! I'm starting an I-Spy swap. And this one's based in Europe and open to any one anywhere, not just US. If you know anyone who'd be interested, I'd love it if you could let them know.

    Thanks! Helen

  12. Great! Am I sending one set of 3 or two sets of three?

  13. The swap is full? Am I in or did I miss it?

  14. Did I miss it? Darn this one sounded like fun and I already have the fabric picked out.

  15. :( seems like I missed it too... Hope my friend and I can catch the next one...