Friday, March 23, 2012

Good news and Bad news

Well - Good news first.  My mom and I went on a shop hop yesterday and traversed the west side of Michigan!  Started at 7:00 am and returned at 7:00 pm.  12 whole hours of fabric shopping!!  It was a lot of fun, but by the end of the day I was beat.  We made it to 9 different quilt shops and found some great prints. 

Some Pinks for my collection

My mom was picking up prints for a couple fabric swaps and then for her New York Beauty.  I bought the last prints I needed for my fabric swaps and then whatever I "had to have" I bought!  Before going my husband sent me a text message saying, "have fun and please, please don't spend our life savings on fabric".  Funny right?  Not sure if he was trying to be funny or if he was serious.....I told you I'm quite obsessed with fabric!
Anyway, here are some more:
For my future black and white quilt
And here's everything I bought....oh so pretty
Okay, and the bad news....
because I was traveling all day I didn't get any quilting done, so I don't have anything fun to show you.  AND to make it worse I probably won't get any quilting time today either.  I need to clean the house - Ughhh, and sort fabric for the swap - better, and prepare for my daughter to have a friend spend the night......wish me luck.
Alina is an only child so I'm not used to having multiple children running around. The plan is to get them from school, go to the mall, get pizza and survive the rest of the night. They are pre-teens, and have informed me they are going to be really, really, really, really hyper.....groan!  Now, here's the worst part - my husband is out of town so I will be suffering alone!
Whew - might warrant a cocktail with the pizza!!!

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  1. Girl, these are the best of days....truly! When my daughter was that age it was nothing to have a house full of kids every weekend....we were the fun house everyone wanted to go to! house is so quiet except for the three dogs...and I sure miss those days...and honestly, I never thought I'd say that!!

    They will amuse themselves....and you might get some free time for just doing what you want! Or....put them to work....sorting the swap fabric!!! Enjoy your time...I need to start cleaning too...but sure don't want too!