Wednesday, March 21, 2012


I finally finished up my hubby's quilt....well kind of.  I did most of the quilting and threw the binding on so I could give it to him for his birthday.  I still have quite a bit of quilting to do.......maybe tomorrow ;)

Everyone's pics on their blogs look so nice and mine never seem to turn out that great.  I originally used my iphone, then rummaged around until I found my canon camera - still not so great.  So, I called my dad who is really talented when it comes to photography, and asked if he'd help me out.

We went down to the beach and here they are -

I even figured out how to place a watermark on them!!!  Pretty crafty, this girl....
Here's one I took myself


  1. Love the fabric choice and layout.

  2. Turned out awesome! He is a talented guy!

  3. beautiful quilt!! and the pics are lovely too :)

  4. It's gorgeous, and great photographs, too! I love the bold color with b&w.

  5. That turned out great. Would you be willing to share size of the finished quilt and the size of the bricks?


  6. thanks, and not at all! The bricks are 8x4 (finished) and the quilt size is approx. 70x85